What's the difference between the Free and Pro version?

The following features are available in the Pro version (and not present in the free version of the app).

Extra Tools

  • Internet speed tester (download and upload speed test)
  • UPnP and Bonjour services browser
  • Routing table
  • Network connection list (available on Android 9 and older versions only)
  • Wake on LAN (including remote WOL)

Wi-Fi Signal

  • Possibility to assign custom names to networks
  • Signal usage graph (visualisation of channel occupation useful for determining least utilised channels)
  • Possibility to filter wi-fi signal list
  • Possibility to sort wi-fi signal list by signal strength, channel, or SSID

LAN Scanner

  • History of performed scans, possibility to "star" favorite
  • Quick access to scan of IPv4 or IPv6 addresses using tools (ping, traceroute, etc.)
  • Quick access to Bonjour and UPnP tools provided by the scanned devices
  • Possibility to assign custom names to individual devices
  • Possibility to scan custom IP ranges
  • Scan list filtering


  • History of queries, possibility to "star" favorites


  • Configurable frequency ping probe send time
  • Configurable ping probe payload size
  • Detail ping information including AS number and detailed location information
  • Graphical visualisation of probe times and statistics


  • Configurable probe type (ICMP or UDP)
  • Configurable probe frequency
  • Visual traceroute shown on map
  • Quick access to tools for individual hops

Port Scanner

  • Configurable "common" ports
  • Configurable speed of the scanner


  • Possibility to use custom whois server

DNS Query

  • Possibility to show DNSSEC queries
  • Possibility to show all sections (answer, authority, additional)


  • No ads
  • Dark theme (configurable)
  • Export into plain text or CSV available for all tools