My antivirus just told me your app is a malware!

Some antivirus programs mis-detect Network Analyzer as a malware - see for instance this report from for Network Analyzer 3.1.2:

The most probable reason is that Network Analyzer uses  DexProtector - an Android application obfuscator which encrypts some parts of the code to protect the app from piracy. Unfortunately, the same technique is used by various malware which tries to hide the malicious actions it does this way.

Some antivirus programs (mostly those from not so well known antivirus companies) are too aggressive in their checks which leads to mis-detecting the app as a malware. Unfortunately, these less-known antivirus companies tend to have a horrible customer support - I have written to all the companies mentioned in the report and the only one from which I received any response was TrendMicro (*).

The only known (to me) antivirus makers that have a mobile scanning app which detects a virus in Network Analyzer are:

Please let me know if some other app starts mis-detecting Network Analyzer as a malware - I will try to contact the corresponding AV company and have the problem fixed (if they respond).

As some no-name AV companies don't respond to any support requests, the only thing I can do is to recommend using antivirus software from others. In general, if you want to use an antivirus I would recommend well-known security companies like  EsetKasperskySymantecAvastAVG, etc. where one can expect at least some support and reliability. But in fact, I'd recommend not using any antivirus at all (Google scans the Play Store and devices for known malicious apps anyway so known threats are discovered) - the thing that matters most is how you behave and what kind of apps from what sources you download and what permissions you give them.

Finally, I understand that if an antivirus software claims there's a virus in the app, you might have lost your confidence in the app and don't want to use it any more. If you purchased the Pro version of the app, please contact me with the corresponding order ID and I'll perform a refund for you (you won't be able to use the app afterwards).

* The communication with TrendMicro was horrible in its own way. It took 4 emails and 1 week to get through the 1st level support to the 2nd level support and 3 additional emails then. At this point I was told they couldn't reproduce the issue and that the problem is on the side (which I frankly don't believe). The whole thing took 2 weeks and at the end I just gave up. Fortunately, the Android version of their app doesn't report any problem in Network Analyzer so the issue isn't that critical. When I compare this with how Eset dealt with the same problem (got a reply in 2 hours confirming the issue, their detection modules were updated the next day), I don't have a very high opinion of TrendMicro.

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